Older works -

Oeuvres plus anciennes

Older paintings and carvings


Stuart has often explored assemblage, wood carving and acrylic painting and mixed media. The choice of materials and their textures are integral to the works.


Des œuvres plus anciennes

Stuart a souvent exploré l'assemblage, la sculpture sur bois, la peinture à l'acrylique et des médium mixtes. Le choix de matériaux et leurs textures est intégral à l’œuvre

Seascape, Acrylic and cotton on canvas, 2002

Through the window - after M.-C. Escher, Acrylic on canvas, 1990

Quilted painting with landscape

Spadina, Acrylic and quilting on canvas, 1983

Chinese sign, Mixed media on canvas, 1980

Abstract wood carving with oil paints, 1990

Devil, Acrylic, and wood carving on canvas, 1992

African woman, wood carving with nails and acrylic, 1993

Wood carving with oil colour, after M-C Escher, 1993

Cat at night, Acrylic on panel, 1992 

Plough in field after Anne Savage, Wood carving with oil colours, 1993

Back lane on the Plateau, Acrylic on plywood, 4 x 8 ft / 122 x 244 cm 2004

Painted toy box, Acrylic on panels, 2001

Northern Lights, After Willian Keurelik, 2002