Mural paintings - Peintures murales

Mural paintings

Stuart Pascoe created these mural paintings between 1998 and 2008. They include paintings in homes, businesses and public spaces. There are also examples of faux-marble and the restauration of faux-marble in a heritage church.


Peintures murales

Stuart Pascoe a créé les peintures murales présentées ici entre 1998 et 2008. Elles comprennent des peintures dans les résidences, des commerces et des espaces publics. Il y a aussi des exemples de faux marbre et la restauration de faux marbre dans une église de patrimoine.

Motifs on dining room walls inspired by fabric design

Roman inspired mural for a bathroom

Chinese inspired waterfall in a child's room

Child's room inspired by the bedding

Painting for chid's room inspired by a poster

Harlequin painting in a restaurant

Trompe l'oeil window in a faux-stone wall in a hotel loby

Painting on canvas based on Obelix for a corporate event - shown in the artist's studio.

Chinese fisherman detail in mural

Image inspired by M-C Escher

Wine cellar corner in a family room

Hair salon with faux-stone walls and a mural inspired by Gustav Klimpt

Village street scene in an Italian restaurant

Emergency exit in a dentist's office

Painting done on canvas for for an artistic event. It is shown hanging in the Pierre-Laporte school library in TMR.

Bedroom mural inspired by a Gustav Klimpt landscape

Bedroom mural with outdoor sports

Landscape in children's playroom

Fisherman's boat detail in a child's room

Painted frieze in Spa Bagni (detail)

Painted frieze in Spa Bagni (another detail)

Female figure mural inspired by Matisse 

Bathtub with feet painted as a crocodile

Vase in trompe l'oeil niche on bathroom wall

Playroom landscape

Faux-marble column in condominium

Bedroom mural with Tintin

Closet door in bedroom with painted seascape

Stuart painting a saurai mural

Painted floor in a restaurant

Wine cellar trompe-l'oeil mural

Saurai on horse in bedroom mural

Detail from child's bedroom mural

Undersea scene in bathroom mural

Space theme mural

Horse theme mural

Squirrels in bedroom mural

Barn painted on bedroom closet

Restoring faux-marble in historic church in Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, Québec

Restoring faux-marble in historic church in Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu

Faux marble painted on electric outlet plate